In this Age Division, there are no assigned coaches and players are responsible for organizing similar coloured playing attire.

MJ Youth Flag Football is entering it's 6th season of providing a League for youth in Moose Jaw to participate in the game of Flag Football.  Until last year, our oldest age division was the 14/15 Age Division.  We had an overwhelming request from players in Grades 10, 11 and 12 to participate in the league and to continue to play, so we decided to introduce the 16, 17, 18 Age Division.

The request from this group of individuals was to "just play".  There was no interest in practicing or committing to time outside of showing up on a Saturday afternoon to play an hour of Flag Football.  So, in order for us to cover the cost of the field rental, referees and insurance, we waived the cost of the NFL replica jerseys and implemented the $105 registration fee.  

If you choose to register in this division, you will be placed with players that attend the same school whenever possible.​​

Most games are played on Saturday or Sunday.  Practices begin in April and games are played usually every weekend in May and June.  Schedules vary by team. Team assignments are random. Special requests must be made in writing and will be evaluated on a per case basis. Not all requests can be accommodated.

Division Grouping are as follows: (Age as of Dec 31/2017)

Warriors Division
6 - 7 years of age (mixed)

Peacock Division                                
8 - 9 years of age (mixed)

Viking Division
10 - 11 years of age (mixed)

Cyclone Division
12 - 13 years of age (mixed)

Bulldog Division
14 - 15 years of age (mixed)

Rams Division
16 - 18 years of age

League Runs From April to June
Games are usually played every Saturday or Sunday 
Games will be scheduled from 9:00am - 3:00pm
Schedule times will vary by team.
Special requests must be made in the comments area when registering and will be evaluated on a per case basis.
Teams are distributed to ensure even numbers on each team.